Medieval town with procedural houses

The purpose of this project was to further explore the procedural possibilities in Houdini and create something that could be used in a game engine.

All the houses were created with Houdini but i used Maya for the props and textured them in Substance Painter.

Oskar westberg highresscreenshot00029
Oskar westberg highresscreenshot00030
Oskar westberg gifmaker 20180909182305876

Houses are generated from a shape created with the curve node in Houdini and this curve can be edited inside Unreal Engine

Oskar westberg gifmaker 20180909184310843

The shape of the pillars are driven by an editable ramp parameter

Oskar westberg wall

The size of the wall sections are randomized and can be changed without destroying the uvs

Oskar westberg house 3

Dirt is applied by using the precalculated AO and height information to break up the tiling textures